Hits and Happenings to Highlight Your Albums -
Year Memory Pages
School Memory Pages
These pages have been kept simple so that you can create a page that fits your own personal style . . . simple or elaborate, primary or pastel, contemporary or heritage, for 8.5 x ll" or 12 x 12" albums. All the research has been done and just the FUN part of decorating is
left for you to do!
The "Seems Like Yesterday"pages are perfect to use as title pages at the beginning of each year or for a special occasion such
as a birth, wedding, or graduation. They contain facts such as pricing, politics, history, academy awards, hit parade, sports, births, TV favorites and fads.  Years currently available are 1900 - 2012.
The "Reading, Writing and Remembering" pages are a great way to keep track of your child's school progress and memories. They contain boxes for your children to fill in so that someday they can go back and see their own writing, their favorites, their teachers and friends and what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up.  The questions in the boxes change as they grow older.  School years available are Preschool - Grade 12.
These simple 8.5 x 11" black and white files are what you get, but LOOK at the SAMPLES page to see what you can do with them!
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